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                     Since 1986, the Wooden Products sector our company, In 1991 Gazezoglu Wooden and Metal Products Industry
              Trade Company has taken the title.

                     Our company Is a Branch of KASTAMONU ENTEGRE  Wooden products Co.(MDF, CHIPBOARD, LAMINATED
              FLOORING ETC)  and LIGNA DECOR Pvc Edge Banding.

                     Our product range Includes; Mdf, Mdflam, Chipboard, HDF Door Panel,Laminated Flooring, Profile, Pvc Edge
              Banding etc.

                     In the year 2012 was established by Short Cycle Melamine press. And Started to manufacture door panel for
              interior door and stell door. Our Marks is LAMINOKS thicknes 8 mm to 10 for steel door panel, We started interior door
              Panel 4 mm and 6 mm Our Marks is LAMINDOOR.

                      LAMINOKS in our panel we have diffrent surface  like HIGH GLOSSY (P),STR, AND SMOOTH and also we have  56
              different GZZ Luxury Models, dual-color and Monochrome Have been producing melamIne coated Door surface.

                     Changing world order, along with increased competition from globalization, the rise of market boundaries, and
              our industry has revealed the importance of accuracy and quality service. The information
              age is rapidly developing into an impassable, but firms can adapt to hange to survive. Our company to meet the highest
              levels of customer needs and expectations, are acting with the quality and service.
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