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Our company has had many years of pioneering in forest products industry in the Central Anatolian Kayseri region. Currently, forest products and furniture edging strip and glue to make our company is sales, our slicing edge banding machine, wide range of colours and designs stock meets our needs with facility size and length PVC sector is emitting.

In 2012, our activities as soon as we endeavour to serve the melamine press line with a variety of colours and surface options. Our innovative production approach, our experienced and expert staff, we aim to maximize the level of customer satisfaction by providing quality service and high standards.

Changing world order, along with increased competition from globalization, the rise of market boundaries, and our industry has revealed the importance of accuracy and quality service. The information age is rapidly developing into an impassable, but firms can adapt to change to survive. Our company to meet the highest levels of customer needs and expectations, are acting with the quality and service.